What is the athletic intersection?

Well, that is a great question and one that I intend to answer.  But first, I want to ask another question.  What does life mean to you?  What does it mean to live?

For me, it means having fun.  My main goal in life is to have fun, to enjoy myself.  How you have fun depends on your preference.  Maybe you enjoy laughing, or singing, or dancing.  Maybe you enjoy sleeping, or eating. Maybe you enjoy competing and succeeding.  Most athletes, not all but most, experience their greatest moments in life, the moments in which they are having the most fun, when they are competing and, ultimately, when they are succeeding.

So what exactly is the athletic intersection?  Imagine a street, but instead of cars, it is filled with sports (and everything have to do with sports).  It’s filled with baseballs, running shoes, shoulder pads, fields, hockey sticks.  It’s filled with actions: running, jumping, kicking, throwing, swinging, diving, swimming, competing, succeeding.  Then along the way, the street filled with sports collides with a street full of life.  It carries everything life can throw at you.  This street is filled with interviews, traffic, thieves, bosses.  It’s filled with buying, selling, walking, talking, breathing.

There is no break in the traffic, an ongoing flow.  There are no traffic lights, no stop signs, no cops.  Collision after collision occurs.  I still haven’t directly answered my question.  The athletic intersection is where life meets sports and I must say, it’s a rather large intersection.


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